Valentine’s Series: Reflections on What Love Means

Love is All You Need

If that was true there wouldn’t be as much heartache in the world as there is today.

Unfortunately it takes a lot more than love to make a relationship work. What is love anyway? Far be it for me to attempt to answer that question for you. I will do my best to let you know what love means to me.

I will however say this; It matters not how much you love another, what matters is how much they feel your love.

Love is action. It’s the act of love that matters. Listening to another is one of the deepest acts of love.

Love is in caring about the impact of your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Remember impact trumps intention.

There are love styles or languages. We love another in the love language or style we like which isn’t necessarily their way of feeling love. It’s helpful to both know our own love style as well as our partners.

One of the most profound ways we can love another is to find out what they want and give it to them.

Don’t go looking for love, its all around you. Instead, go looking for all the barriers that you place in love’s way.

What will you do this year to increase the love you give and the love you receive?

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