So You Want to Get Connected in Relationship

Have you ever wondered why it is so easy to get disconnected in relationship. Personally there is nothing more painful than to be in the same room as the one you love and to be disconnected. As a relationship coach I always say, When you want to be connected, get connected. When you want to be disconnected, get connected. That’s the challenging part. To get connected when the part of you that is hurt, angry or just in your own way, doesn’t want to make the effort. Or worse still, when the other is in that state and doesn’t want to connect with you. Waiting is the hard part. I mean, if we are eventually going to get connected (we always do) then what’s to wait for? This is an area where we need to grow up and decide what battles are worth the fight and which ones we need to let go of. And well then, growing up is hard to do. Don’t worry. It gets easier.

If you don’t know what you are fighting for, you are fighting against.

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