It’s Not What You Say That Kills a Relationship

… it’s what you don’t say. Interesting that today more than ever we have the capacity to communicate at a rate of speed unheard of throughout history. The modes for communication seem endless so you would think that we would actually say more to those who are important to us. Apparently not. It occurs to me that we are actually saying less than we have ever said and are quickly losing the art of real communication. Imagine my surprise then to come across a website dedicated to supporting people in saying what they need to say, just not to the intended person. And this helps how? Well yes, perhaps you get it off your chest and momentarily you feel better. OMG, How good could you feel by telling the truth (lovingly) and getting to the point in your communication? Step one may be letters I’ll never send, and step two, needs to be letters that I need to send. What letters do you need to send?

Remember, It’s not what you say that kills a relationship, it’s what you don’t say.

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