Using Guilt Constructively

Using Guilt Constructively.mp3 (transcribed by Sonix)

Announcer: The following minute is brought to you by Relationship Excellence dot com.

Owen Williams: Welcome to The Relationship Minute. My name's Owen Williams.

Owen Williams: Guilt is a normal and sometimes healthy emotion. We all feel guilty when we've done something wrong. When we've transgressed the value we hold dear. Perhaps when we've lied or we've cheated in a relationship, or when we've done something or said something that we truly regret. Guilt informs us that we have a conscience. We feel bad about it. Guilt will have us say, "I'm sorry. I'll never do that again". However, people rarely believe us when we just say I'm sorry. Insight into what propelled us into that behavior is far more important than guilt. It requires that we look behind the guilt to see what was going on for us to behave in the way that we did and when we share that, truly we have leverage in our relationship. What can you do to create insight behind any guilt that you have?

Thank you for taking The Relationship Minute and remember it's later than you think.

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