Mind the Gap

I was reminded by a friend who just returned from London, England of the phrase ‘Mind the Gap’. If you have ever travelled on the Tube you will be familiar with the phrase. The thought occurred to me that it is a great phrase for relationship and even for life. I don’t think that we pay much attention to the gap between where we are and where we really want to be in life.

One way for us to pay attention to the gap is to ask yourself, ‘where am I now?’ This is a critical question as we have to be willing and able to tell ourselves the truth about where we are if we have any hope of figuring out the gap between here and there. There being where we long to be in our life. Being in relationship requires that we be willing to explore this gap. On the underground (Tube) people usually avoid looking at the gap. It’s like we are afraid of the gap. Are you afraid of the gap between where you are right now in your life and where you want to be? What is so frightening about the gap?

What would happen if you choose to see the gap as a gift?

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