Relationship Intensives

Egg Shaped Stones in Wire BasketCouples often report that they have communication issues. This is rarely accurate. What most couples face is a lack of connection. Over time, busy careers, demands of a busy lifestyle and raising a family place stresses on relationships and people get disconnected. Sometimes, unresolved issues create anger and resentment. Couples who don’t have mechanisms for clearing these end up being divided and lonely. Before you know it, you’re arguing and disconnected or worse still, cold and unaffectionate. Many couples wait too long before they take serious steps to remedy the conflict they find themselves in. Pulling the relationship back from the brink of disaster is easier than you might think. It takes two people being ready to give up blame while they each take responsibility for their part in the relationship breakdown. It took two of you to get into the mess and it will take two of you to get out of it. The collateral damage from separation and divorce is bigger than most people think. All relationships go through stages: “I love you”, but “I’m not in love with you” is no reason to blow your marriage apart. All couples will face the need to reinvent their relationship several times throughout their marriage if they want to succeed.

This seven-hour intensive offers a couple the opportunities to create a breakthrough experience. In order to have breakthrough, you first need to have breakdown. We stay in the tension, aligning with the greater vision of the relationship and creating new structure that supports deeper connection. The work that you will do in this full day intensive cannot be achieved in regular weekly sessions. When you need a breakthrough in your relationship, this intensive process is your day.

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