Stop Waiting

Stop Waiting.mp3 (transcribed by Sonix)

Announcer: The following minute is brought to you by Relationship Excellence dot com.

Owen Williams: Welcome to The Relationship Minute. I'm Owen Williams.

Owen Williams: Stop waiting. Yeah. What are you waiting for? I invite you to stop waiting.

Owen Williams: We're often waiting for something to be complete so that we can move on and do the thing that we really want to do. After this one thing there'll be another thing and another thing and another thing. So I invite you to stop waiting in your life and start doing the things that really bring you an enlivened spirit things that enlarge you. Things that bring delight to you. All too often we put off doing the things that we really want to do until we've got a bill paid or until the kids have left home or until something… And my invitation to you is to let all that go and start doing the things that enliven you that awaken your heart that make you sing on the inside.

Owen Williams: Thank you for taking The Relationship Minute and remember it's later than you think.

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