Growing Through Failure

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Welcome to the Relationship Minute. I'm Owen Williams.

How open are you failing in your life. Yeah that's right. Failing… We all want success but success is built on failure. And yet we have this judgment about failure like somehow we're not supposed to fail.

I've learned more from my failures than I have my successes. I don't know about you. My invitation to you is to fail consciously to be willing to take risks in your life and learn from the information that you gather from the result of your actions.

That's what failing is all about. It's an opportunity for us to review what we did. Re-approach the same situation with more information and do something different. Learning as we go.

My invitation to you is to look at failure as an opportunity to grow and become more.

Thank you for taking The Relationship Minute and remember it's later than you think.

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