Forgiving Our Humaness

Forgivng Our Humaness.mp3 (transcribed by Sonix)

Announcer: The following minute is brought to you by Relationship Excellence dot com.

Owen Williams: Welcome to The Relationship Minute. I'm Owen Williams.

Owen Williams: Can you forgive the humanness in another person? Someone who may have disappointed you?

Owen Williams: When we're hard on someone else for their humanness what I call their human mess (because after all we all make messes). Guess what? We're equally hard on ourselves. How we treat others is how we treat ourselves. So learning to forgive others for disappointing us for the messes that they create is an important part of staying in relationship. Of working through the conflict and challenges that inevitably get in between two or more individuals.

Owen Williams: So can you forgive the human-ness and the human mess in yourself? You have to ask yourself how is it working if I'm hard on myself?

Owen Williams: Thank you for taking The Relationship Minute. And remember it's later than you think.

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