Do You Suffer From FOMO?

Do You Suffer From FOMO.mp3 (transcribed by Sonix)

Announcer: The following minute is brought to you by Relationship Excellence

Owen Williams: Welcome to The Relationship Minute. My name is Owen Williams.

Owen Williams: FOMO is the modern disease – the fear of missing out. Under FOMO we're always looking for a better opportunity, a better girlfriend, an advancement in our career. The next shiny object that's better than the one we have.

Owen Williams: There's a real insecurity behind FOMO because we're always afraid that there's something better than what we currently have. And the disease costs us the joy of being in the moment with the person that we're with, or in the experience that we currently have. The disease is to not be at ease with how life is. We ask ourselves Is this it? What if this is it? And that we can really enjoy it.

Owen Williams: Thank you for taking The Relationship Minute and remember it's later than you think.

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